Hamster Davies - A Life of Continual Dysfunction

Hamster Davies - A Life of Continual Dysfunction (Hamster Davies#1) | 1st Edition


ISBN: 9781988633039
Language: English




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Look out Homer! We’ve often seen other disparaging families in the animation world on television, although not like The Davies Family

Out for a seemingly normal day at the theater with his family, Hamster Davies’s life is inexplicably turned upside down, as one mishap leads to another in a madcap adventure of epic proportions.

Meanwhile, a ticket mix up soon introduces him to the woman that would change his life, but soon, he and his new friend are targeted by kidnappers and forced to rely on wrestling skills to find their way out of the most unbelievable predicament.

A bitter boss, a kidnapping, and a match in the wrestling ring are the keys to returning life to normal; nonetheless, after all that Hamster and his family and friends have endured, will life ever be the same again?

Find out what happens when a seemingly ordinary person meets the most extraordinary characters all in pursuit of rising above mediocrity.

Waterloo Regional Pictures Entertainment (www.wrp-ent.com) – Our Bookshelf - would like to announce the innovative development (www.wrp-ent.com/hamster/hamster.html) Hamster Davies that should strike the funny bone even with the most common person, not including with numerous book enthusiasts worldwide, considering this sarcastic, down-to-the-point, one-line zinger is now in various formats found exclusively on Amazon.com (softcover) Lulu.com (Hardcover) The Book Patch (Pocket Book) or yet, in support of any e-book enthusiast on Ebookit.com in PDF, ePub or Mobi.

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Publisher Waterloo Regional Pictures
ISBN 9781988633039
Publishing Date 13-Mar-2017
Language English
Series Hamster Davies#1
Edition 1st Edition
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Character Bios

List of characters and their personal biographies and notable quotations


Chapter I

The factual foundation of a family excursion that will not be simple to forever overlook


Chapter II

If at first glance somebody doesn’t get what they desire, there’s forever a further likelihood of succeeding at a later date.


Chapter III

Being in any theatre surrounding doesn’t signify people can be that uncontrollable around others


Chapter IV

Perhaps being further practical has a better improvement over somebody in addition who cannot distinguish the difference


Chapter V

Resentment may be used in nearly all discussions, other than it doesn’t constantly repair the general circumstances



Chapter VI

       Mostly when other families come together it often becomes a sort of brouhaha


                                                                             Chapter VII

In any act when somebody could go missing, you can forever leave it to the others to soon squabble in your absents


                                                                             Chapter VIII

If nonetheless stepping in some animal waste can commence significant gossip, maybe anything as well be superlative


                                                                             Chapter IX

A misunderstanding frequently can play a compromising position if others can quickly differentiate what a further may utter


                                                                             Chapter X

After mentioning that it’s all understood and done, obviously there should be a fine-line about family associations, right


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A particular thanks to all, who had sincerely assisted in this books development, and the provided author’s information.

Editorial Reviews

Hamster Davies: A Life of Continual Dysfunction

We’ve all experienced the comedic genius of Matt Groening and Seth McFarlane, who brought us some unforgettable TV series’. But now, there’s a new kid on the block.

The Davies’ – who are originally from Florida – almost seem to take pride in their family’s utter dysfunction. They decide to treat themselves to a vacation to New York City for the very first time – a recipe for disaster in itself!

Hamster Davies - a somewhat youthful, normal guy – meets the Calpown family while visiting the Big Apple. They reside on the east side of town, plus, have a moderately keen eye for business. Little to their knowledge, the Calpowns are being watched a little too closely by the Fantsolli brothers; a pair known to be the kings of the laundry business on the west side of New York.

The comedic adventure begins as the story continues to unravel. The Davies’ will take you on a surprise-filled journey through the streets of New York, forever charming you with their absurdity.

Want a sneak peek?

“It's not like I don't have any true suspense or fiction in my life previously with my one-legged girlfriend, besides, I was thinking about going to the pound and picking up a three-legged dog, you know adding to the present family arrangement.”


This comedic show is one that you do not want to miss. Remember the Simpson's? Well once, you see this you will forget all about the Simpson's. The story focuses on the aberrant Davies family from Floridawho decide to embark on a journey to none other than the Big Apple, in New York City. The head of the Davies family as Hamster is not your typical guy. He is a bit on the dysfunctional inquisitive side, which makes the trip even more insanely funny. While on their journey, Hamster meets up with a business oriented family named the Calpowns on the east side of town. The infamous filthy laundry business owners, Fantsolli brothers, have been keeping a watchful suspicious eye on the Calpowns. As a result Hamster and his family are currently under suspicion of the Fantsolli kingpin brothers. This is when the storyline goes from very funny to creepy comical. My favourite line of the show is

Oh, don't worry, I, too, am previously aware of it, seeing I’m often the one who has to wash those dirty pants and underwear's, and believe me, I have seen some crazy things that have come out of those pants.



I must say that the Davies is quite the comical little family!

Their first-time trip from Florida to New York is an adventure, to say the least.

One quote that captures the dysfunctional qualities of this family is: "It's not like I don't have any true suspense or fiction in my life previously with my one-legged girlfriend, besides, I was thinking about going to the pound and picking up a three-legged dog, you know adding to the present family arrangement".

Add the Calpown family and the Fantsolli brothers into the mix and things just might get a little crazy!

If you're having one of those days where you need to shake your head and laugh at something, sit down and take a look at this book.

You will find comedy, adventure, and romance within its pages, seeing it furthermore has plenty of sarcasm peppered throughout!


About the Author

Dwight J Sernoskie Dwight J Sernoskie  » Click here to see author page

Dwight J. Sernoskie has been observed, as a recreational author, predominantly at writing screenplays over the precedent few years. He has been awfully talented of taking a complicated profession, as frequently writing is too many others, and furthermore, presently turned it around to becoming an obsession.

Over the earlier period of ten years previously, a (story) narrative has been extremely unproblematic to come by, essentially in any specified genre, principally permitting him to soon propose his artistic information into a document.

Following years of doing essential research, fundamentally towards the foundation on how-to bring any conceptions to life; quickly established countless digital platforms to make use of, plus, bring a better understanding to the world of innovative writing.




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