GILGAMESH 10 (The History of the ANUNNAKI#2)


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GILGAMESH 10, Mary and Marshall's NEW BOOK is a unique tale of the interface between the Anunnaki, an advanced space age civilization from the planet Nibiru, and humans in the city of Uruk 4600 years ago. Written in a new screenplay/book hybrid format it tells the story of King Gilgamesh (2/3rds Anunnaki and 1/3rd human) as he faces many extraordinary challenges and adventures including interfacing with a cloned version of himself. Based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, history's first written story, readers will be transported back in time and to a place that has never before been acknowledged. GILGAMESH 10 is a break-through read that may help explain many of the mysteries in the Bible.

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Publisher Marshall Klarfeld
Publishing Date 07-Mar-2012
Language English
Series The History of the ANUNNAKI#2
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Table of Contents


Dedication to Zecharia Sitchin iii

Anunnaki Meeting aboard Mother Ship 4

Wedding scene 11

Enki's Plan 36

Architectural digging site 44

Shemat and Enkidu 63

Wrestling Match 78

Humbaba the Terrible 103

Bull of Heaven 120

Gilgamesh at the Landing Platform 134

Ziusudra's The Great Flood story 147

The magical plant 179

Ishtar's snake 183




Cuneiform tablets v

Ancient map 3

Ishtar temple gate 21

Enkidu cylinder seal 43

Ishtar limestone statue 47

Whirlwind 56

Shem 131

Landing Platform 135

11th cuneiform tablet 148

Ark 157

Crop circle 188

About the Author

Marshall Klarfeld Marshall Klarfeld  » Click here to see author page

Upon graduating from Caltech in 1951, Marshall began a 30 year career with Wallace J.S. Johnson's company, UP-RIGHT, INC. In 1963 Marshall's boss Wallace Johnson was elected Mayor of Berkeley California. Sharing Johnson's business and political philosophies, Klarfeld became his aide de camp. This partnership produced two national political campaigns, including the 1968 presidential campaign to end the war in Vietnam, and the New Hampshire presidential primary of 1976, to repeal the automatic Congressional pay raise. In spite of all this excitement throughout his life, the lingering questions about man's origins that Marshall pursued while an undergraduate at Caltech still haunted him. Marshall was fascinated by the advanced scientific knowledge found in the Bible's story of creation. Uncertain how to unravel his questions he asked his Nobel Laureate professors, Linus Pauling and Richard Feynman for help. Their amazing answers stayed with him for decades and led him to write, ADAM, The Missing Link. He and his wife Mary have written a screenplay based on the book. This film is the first of a trilogy.



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