A Glossary of Terms in Regional Planning and Development

A Glossary of Terms in Regional Planning and Development


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Regional (sub-national) development is increasingly viewed as an important and versatile tool of homogenizing the economy and conscientizing the people for greater participation in development effort. While the methodology and planning are widely known among academics and theoreticians, some of the terms used are too technical for others. An attempt has, therefore, been made in this volume to select 400 more frequently used terms and give their meaning in simple English. The volume will be useful not only to officials but also to college and university students.

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Publisher Abhinav Publications
ISBN 9788170171300
Publishing Date 04-Apr-2012
Language English
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1 Absolute Poverty 
2 Absorptive Capacity 
3 Activity 
4 Activity Cluster 
5 Adjustment Assistance 
6 Administrative Area 
7 Age Structure 
8 Agglomerating Factors 
9 Agglomeration 
10 Agglomeration Economies 
11 Agrarian System 
12 Agricultural Extension Services 
13 Agricultural Mechanization 
14 Agropolitan Approach to Development 
15 Amenity Resources 
16 Appropriate Technology 
17 Asset Ownership 
18 Attraction Centre 
19 Autarky



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