Grabbing Happiness

Grabbing Happiness


Rupali Ramdas, Oct-2012
ISBN: 9788182600898
Language: English




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Is it possible to grab an abstract, non concrete state of being called “Happiness”? Are people with material comforts happier? Can we achieve happiness without hurting anyone?

This book explores the concept of happiness. I hope from the core of my heart that reading this book on happiness will set you on a journey towards the galaxy of happiness where you will hopefully pick up some stars to add to your pitcher of happiness or create a pitcher as the case may be. It has tips to steer you towards the path of happiness with some happiness mantras.

You will like to read about the attitudes of a few people ,do have your own opinions about them but, remember at the end they are like you and me wanting to be happy and contented in life.

The cover of this book has the picture of Sunrise. Sunrise marks the beginning of a new day of twenty four full hours which can be utilized to bring joy and peace into this world and make the world a happy place . I pray that this book brings a sunshine of happiness into your life which will spur you into spreading it to your near and dear ones too.So happy reading.

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Publisher Rupali Ramdas
ISBN 9788182600898
Publishing Date 09-Oct-2012
Language English
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                        Cover Page   




                        Happiness (Poem)

                    1. What is happiness?

                    2. Factors detrimental to happiness. 

                    3. Ways to maintain a happy state

                        of mind(Tips and tricks). 

                    4. We want to be happy too.

                    5. My happiness mantra.

                    6. Don't worry be happy.


                        About the author.

About the Author

Rupali Ramdas  » Click here to see author page

Rupali Ramdas was born and brought up in Mumbai (India)and did her Graduation in Statistics & Computer programming from D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai. She has also specialized in Mass Communication and IT besides Interior designing.
Being married to a person from the Services gave her a chance to work in varied fields in the different places of transfer. Interacting with people from all parts of the country on a professional and personal basis gave a broader outlook towards life.
Her work experience includes working as a Compere/Anchor/ Presenter for the educational radio channel of Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU), script writing & making informative and educative radio features (documentaries) and, conducting live and recorded interviews of eminent personalities. She has also given motivational talks on Akashvani(All India Radio) for Yuva Vani (The programme for the youth) on personality development topics like: The Power of Positive Thinking, Building Confidence and Self Esteem, Time Management etc. She has worked as an editor of an in house magazine, as an IT professional, as a teacher, as a Principal of a school run by ex students of Sainik School Korukonda.
She is a creative and a talented person with a liking for learning and acquiring new talents and believes in keeping herself busy with constructive learning. After working as a consultant & freelance writer in web portal companies she is presently the Founder /Director of ARK Technocraft India Pvt. Ltd.



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