The New Ages: An adventure beyond the ordinary...

The New Ages: An adventure beyond the ordinary...


ISBN: 9788120790278
Language: English




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"The new ages addresses important issues, raises pertinent questions, and leaves one with the message of hope-that we can shape our own destiny, individually & collectively."

What seems mundane & routine may well be the harbinger of the momentous & wondrous...

In this landmark book, writer, thinker & dreamer Malik brings you face to face with your innermost dreams & purpose, as he questions set paradigms, introduces path-breaking concepts, and provokes you with a whole new times nothing short the utopian!!

Join the protagonist, Dave Jones, as he embarks on the journey of a lifetime-clue bye clue, coincidence by coincidence, intuition by intuition... across different lands, milieu & planes...culminating with the fulfillment of a secret prophecy of the heavens...

Experience hope, skepticism, exhilaration & amazement in a thrilling adventure which sweeps a seemingly ordinary corporate executive across a journey so profound, it can alter his karmic equation, as also the destiny of the world itself!

About the Author :

Malik Defies stereotypes, Much like the characters in this book - a dreamer, a thinker, a believer, a visionary, an ordinary man rooted in life's day to day realities, a pragmatic individual, a corporate executive, a critical analyst, a music aficionado, especially of the uplifting genre, a deeply spiritual man, a rebel... he is all of this, yet not slotted into any single one...gliding, sliding & fitting into the relevant role with effortless ease...

There is nothing solemn about him. He is as much as ease discussing the energy/spirit world as the world of economics & management; he relishes discussions & debates about economic crises & reform of capitalism as much as immersing himself into Floyd & Metallica. He has an easy sense of humor, the innocent ways of a baby, the intensity of a fighter, the philosophical disposition of a thinker, and the lyrical beauty of a poet...

Zorba the Buddha, he would like to model himself upon...

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Publisher Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd
ISBN 9788120790278
Publishing Date 19-Mar-2012
Language English
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